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Roasted Arabica Coffee Processing
Dried Fruits Processing
Dark Chocolate with Kamias Processing
Deboned Milkfish (Bangus) Processing
Milkfish is the Philippines'most important aquaculture by volume, value, and diet. The country's total production grew by 40% in the last 18 years. The growth in total production was due to the…
Arabica Coffee Farming Production
As of the latest data, the Philippines has a total of 19,300 hectares devoted to the production of Arabica coffee. Almost half of the areas are located in SOCCSKSARGEN Region with 8,200 hectares,…
Moringa Leaves Production
Moringa leaves production is typically planted at 20 cm or more between rows, with an in-row spacing of 20 cm between plants to achieve intensive production. With the given planting distance, a…
Processed Food Products from Jackfruit
The Jackfruit Research and Development Program in Region 8 was approved for implementation in 1996 under the regular fund of the Department of Agriculture.
Pickled Cucumber Processing
Papaya Atchara Processing
Gravy Mix Processing