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Livelihood Seeding Program – Negosyo Serbisyo sa Barangay (LSP-NSB)


The LSP-NSB is a program of DTI that allows a wider reach of business development assistance by bringing government services closer to the people through partnerships between relevant local government units and DTI officials. Through Barangay Development Councils (BDCs), the DTI shall help capacitate Barangay personnel to provide basic business advisory or information dissemination services to MSMEs in the locality.

Also, the DTI in partnership with the national government agencies, local government units, academe, non-government organizations, private sector, and through the Negosyo Centers promote ease of doing business and providing access to development services for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) through Business Counselors in their area of responsibility.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are eligible ?

The LSP-NSB Program applies to established microenterprises that are located in priority barangays in the least developed areas. In addition, microenterprises under the priority industry cluster of the regions may also be eligible under this program.

What are the requirements in availing business kits?
1. Business Name Certificate or Barangay Permit as proof of business
2. Attendance to the business development sessions conducted by DTI Provincial Offices and Negosyo Centers
3. Duly filled-out forms:

  - Simplified Action Plan

  - Pledge of Commitment

What are the objectives and coverage of the program?
· Increase the awareness of barangay officials about the services offered by the Department through the Negosyo Centers;
· Assist microenterprises to grow  their businesses through the conduct of entrepreneurship and disaster resilience activities in the identified barangays.
· Conduct business development assistance and/ or services in barangays and;
· Provision of individual package of livelihood kits amounting to Five Thousand Pesos but not more than Fifteen thousand Pesos (Php 15,000.00) must contain items that could aid qualified affected microenterprises to restore and improve their businesses. Based on the assessment of the ROs/POs, the type or kind of business kits to be provided shall depend on the needs of affected microenterprises. 
What are the services offered by LSP-NSB?

Facilitate Business Registration

• Business name

• Barangay Micro Business Enterprise (BMBE)

• Barangay Clearances

• Registration with LGU, SEC, CDA, etc.


Business Advisory

• SME Counseling

• Product Development

• Financing Facilitation

• Market/Business Matching

• Trade Promotion

• Investment Promotion

How is LSP-NSB being implemented?
1. DTI coordinates and schedules the launching of NSB with LGU or Barangay officials for orientation of the program; or DTI obtains a list of participants from LGUs or Barangays that includes potential microenterprises.
2. Out of the orientation and training participants, DTI identifies, validates, and profiles the existing microenterprises to determine the eligibility of affected beneficiaries who will receive the business kits.
3. Client fills out and submits the requirements for availing business kits.
4. DTI provides business kits to eligible beneficiaries containing items that could aid qualified microenterprises to restore and improve their businesses.
5. DTI personnel or NC Business Counselor completes the profile the beneficiary and fills out the NC Client Profile and Monitoring System (NC-CPMS) Form.
6. To effectively monitor the accomplishments under the LSP-NSB Program, the DTI-POs shall prepare weekly and monthly reports to be submitted to the DTI-Regional Offices (DTIROs) tasked to review and endorse said reports to the LSP-NSB PMO, NC PMU and BSMED.

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