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KAPATID Mentor ME (KMME) Program

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The Kapatid Mentor ME (KMME) has been implemented since 2016 as a 10-module mentorship program that optimizes weekly face-to-face interactions between the mentors and the mentees with the key goal of boosting the entrepreneurial capacity through improved access to Mentorship, Money & Market (i.e., the 3Ms).

Project KAPATID is an initiative of the DTI and the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship (PCE) to help the country’s micro and small enterprises (MSEs) through three key components:

  • The Mentor ME (micro-entrepreneurs) program, a coaching and mentoring approach where large corporations teach MSEs on different aspects of business operations
  • The Adopt-an-SSF (Shared Service Facility) program, which aims to help micro-entrepreneurs by providing them access to SSFs in their community
  • The Inclusive Business (IB) model where MSEs are linked into large companies’ value chains

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is KMME-MME Online?

With the CoVid-19 upending lives and businesses all over the world, the KMMEbecomes more relevant and necessary albeit in a virtual or digitalized form. Thus, the KMME-MME Online is developed as a practical delivery mechanism of the regular KapatidMentor ME Program and the Money MarketEncounter in a digitalized form that will help our MSMEs to survive in spite of the unprecedented setbacks that their businesses confront during the COVID19 pandemic.

What are the modules being provided?

1. Entrepreneurial Mindset and Values Formation

2. Marketing Mindset

3A. Business Model Canvas (Market Segment, Customer Relationships, Channels, Value Proposition)

3B. Business Model Canvas (Key Resources, Key Partners, Key Activities, RevenueStreams, Cost Structure)

4. Operations Management

5. Digitalization

6. Supply and Value Chain

7. Human ResourceManagement

8. Accounting and Finance

9A. Product Development

9B. Market Expansion and Internationalization

10. Business Law

What are the criteria for selecting Mentees?
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Must be a Filipino and resident of the Philippines
  • Must be the owner or co-owner of and/or partner of the business
  • Business is registered (with documentation)
  • Business is operating for at least one year
  • Has employee/s and/or manages a team
  • Willing to attend sessions on specified schedules
  • Willing to enter into a Contract of commitment
  • Three (3) references who can vouch for your business
  • Applicants belonging to the ME segment (P3M below) will be given priority
What are the restrictions on Mentee admission?
  • Mentees should be the owner or successors.Employees of mentees are discouraged to participate. (This employee may set up his/her own competing business with mentee)
  • Only one mentee per enterprise shall be admitted to the program.
  • Only one mentee per family shall be admitted to the program.
What are the tools that a mentee must have?
  • Laptop/desktop or mobile phone
  • Stable internet connectivity (LAN, Fiber Internet, or Mobile Data)
  • Headset or earphones
  • Personal Facebook account- all official announcements will be posted on the Facebook group per batch
What are the criteria for selecting Mentors?

For Entrepreneurs:

  • At least 10 years in business
  • With proven business success
  • Should have a business and is registered.
  • Preferably a member of a business organization or industry association

For Business Practitioners:

  • At least 5 years in a middle or senior management position in a duly registered corporation
  • Demonstrated achievements of corporate objectives

For Academicians:

  • Recognized educator with at least ten (10)years of teaching in the field of specialization.
  • Rendered potent business consultancy services to public and/or private organizations.


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