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Diskwento Caravan (DC)

Diskwento Caravan Logo

The Diskwento Caravan (DC) is a DTI initiative in partnership with the manufacturers and distributors of basic necessities and prime commodities, which aims to provide reasonably-priced quality products to consumers. These food products are priced lower than their suggested retail prices and sometimes are being sold in packs, which provides savings to consumers. 

DC as a rolling store, producers and manufacturers can sell agricultural and manufactured basic and prime commodities directly to consumers. With a sufficient supply of affordable basic and prime commodities are brought closer to the consumers through the barangays.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the objectives of the initiative?
  • To provide alternative venues for easy access to basic and prime commodities to families, especially in urban areas during the state of a public health emergency. 
  • To supply basic and prime commodities/goods priced in accordance with, or lower than the suggested retail prices. 
  • To introduce and implement different editions of Diskwento Caravan such as Regular, Balik-Eskwela, Noche Buena, and Disaster Edition.
  • To enjoin the cooperation of LGUs, manufacturers, and other stakeholders in implementing the Diskwento Caravan.  
  • To provide business opportunities to MSMEs and business sectors as an additional venue for market access. 

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