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Sucess Story: D & L Dairy Farm

D&L Dairy Farms

The couple, Dominic and Ma. Elisa Paclibar thought that going abroad would be their ultimate life goal for their family. But this was before they had a change-of-heart encounter when a loan of 25 heads of female carabaos was offered to them by the Philippine Carabao Center-University of Southern Mindanao.

At first, Dominic and Elisa were apprehensive due to fear of failure since they were new to the industry. Yet, they pursued believing that "almost anything can be learned". They willingly capacitated themselves through various training, seminars, and workshops offered by DTI.

Now, D & L Dairy Farm has expanded its market to seven municipalities in Cotabato Province. They also supply milk to schools in support of the schools' nutrition enhancement initiatives with their 700 liters of milk production per month.


DTI- Cotabato PO

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