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Running a business is not easy, you have to go through a lot of ups and downs and yet you are expected to keep your calm all the same.

In hopes of a better life for his family, Mr. Andrew Mayames set foot to work in a different country. As many Overseas Filipino Worker' (OFW) stories you may have heard, Andrew was not an exemption from the hardships and sadness he had to go through working abroad, separated from his family. He never thought he would encounter a special thing that could change his life in ways he never thought of.

In passing, he came across a popular snack in that country called the "rice pop”. The “rice pop” is a healthy Korean style wheat cake popular with people of all ages due to its crispiness and low-calorie content. It doesn't require oil to cook up the snack, instead, a special machine cooks the rice mixture, and pop goes the rice pop!

His interest in rice pops grew more when he was offered by an acquaintance to buy a special rice popping machine. He bought the machine and went home to the Philippines. Together with his family, they started a business in their hometown at Säpid, Mankayan, Benguet. They conducted a series of the experiment to get the right ingredients and taste for what is now a popular snack among locals in their area.

On the 27th day of October 2017, Andrew was invited by the Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company (LCMCo) for a free seminar on product development with the Department of Trade and Industry through its Negosyo Center in Mankayan. The Department of Trade and Industry assisted Andrew in conceptualizing their brand name, Vedriane's Popped Rice Chips.

2020 found a great start for Vedriane's Veggie Popped Rice Chips. During the first quarter, it was in business with the BSU Marketing at La Trinidad, Marosan's Restaurant at Shilan, Mines View Stalls at Baguio City, H.O.Y - Calajo at Marcos Highway, Birks Convenience Shop at Crown Legacy and The Orchard Hotel at Legarda Road. But even a great business is not immune with the storm brough by the COVID-19 pandemic. Movement was limited; transportation was suspended hampering Vedriane's deliveries.

As a remedy, Vegie Popped Rice Chips was sold to the neighborhood, but of course, as expected basic commodities are the most prioritized. Vedriane's production ceased.

Despite everything, Vedriane's still managed to keep the business alive by posting some of their activities online. After the difficult months, production resumed on November.

Still navigating its way through the new normal, Vedriane’s hope that they have passed the worst and that the busy days of their business will soon return.



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