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Success Story: Shojara’s Online Shop

Shojara’s Kimchi Products (Cabbage Kimchi, Radish Kimchi, Apple Pear Kimchi)

In September 2020, Shojara’s Online Shop was established and was located at Del Pilar, Castillejos, Zambales.  The enterprise is owned by Ms. Shojara P. Kim, who ventured from making her personal food to producing and selling the traditional Korean dish Kimchi.

Shojara started a business through a physical store, however, due to the pandemic lockdown, it did not gain profit as expected.  This situation forced her to open Shojara's Online Shop.   In her online shop, various Korean products are marketed. Her best seller, Kimchi is available in different varieties - Cabbage Kimchi, Apple-Pear Kimchi, Cucumber Kimchi, and Radish Kimchi.

Shojara's Kimchi brings authentic Kimchi and other Korean dishes right at the tables of Filipino families. With years of exposure to the Korean lifestyle, Shojara's Kimchi boasts itself with their hand-produced, original Kimchi with an authentic taste. Its high-quality flavor is derived from the maker’s personal years of experience living in Korea.

Castillejos Diskweto Caravan Participation & OTOP next Gen Launching and Orientationshojara's KMME Participation and Completion

On December 2021, Shojara took the opportunity of joining the DTI Diskwento Caravan and Kadiwa Ni Ani at Kita at Zameco-II Main, Nagbunga, Castillejos,Zambales. The fair gained her additional customers and an instant 10% increase in sales. This break has brought her to other opportunities like enrolling in the OTOP Next Generation Production Development Program which is aimed at improving her packaging and label and being qualified for Provincial Fairs.  Further, she joined and finished the DTI - Kapatid Mentor Me Program (KMME)  last May 30, 2022, where she attended a series of trainings and seminars related to production, marketing enhancement, and business plan preparation.   “KMME helped me improve my marketing strategies and mindset. Most importantly, it boosted my confidence to gain more key partners''. Shojara said.

Shojara’s market has reached the nearby city of Olongapo and the whole of Zambales, offering free delivery with minimum orders.  According to her, 50% of sales come from online orders, 40% to resellers, and 10% from walk-in customers.

“My mission is to serve authentic Kimchi and nourish our customers with healthy and delicious ingredients at a very reasonable price and with the vision to become one of the best Filipino kimchi-makers”. – Shojara P. Kim.


By: DTI Zambales

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