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Success Story: "Sari-Sari Store Para sa Mamimiling Pilipino"

Jeanette “Jing” Sevillas

Jeanette “Jing” Sevillas a 47-year-old fighter who lives simply with her mother and PWD partner at Lomonay, President Roxas who battles the pandemic with two pigs in their backyard and a then closed “Sari-sari Store” beside their home.

Jing worked as a house help in Manila year 2000-2003 with the dream of bettering her life in a place where she thought can bring her to places, she has never been. However, with just one insect bite in her leg, her fate had changed. She had series of fever, body pain, and loss of appetite – then her right leg enlarged thrice its size. She consulted different doctors and took several tests but everything turned out to be normal. This caused her to go back home to President Roxas in the year 2003.

The Municipal Health Center assisted her in her consultations but laboratory tests would still turn out normal. She was emotionally affected with her situation but being the fighter that she is, she used her savings to start a backyard piggery and e-loading business in 2004. Then, with the starting capital of Php. 5000 she opened her “Sari-sari Store” in 2010. However, in the year 2016, she struggled in handling the piggery and “Sari-sari Store” which led her to temporarily close her store. Due to mismanagement of finances, she finally decided to seize the operation of her “Sari-sari Store” for good in 2019.

Brgy. Lomonay is one of the Negosyo Serbisyo sa Barangay 2020 of Negosyo Center President Roxas. The Barangay Council endorsed her as one of the recipients of the NSB – SLP Livelihood Starter Kits for individuals because of her health and financial conditions. She was surprised when Negosyo Center President Roxas together with the Barangay officials of Lomonay visited her in their home and gave her the Livelihood Starter Kit of “Sari-Sari Store”. She was overjoyed and could not believe what she received. “September 22, 2020 to ma’am dili gyud nako malimtan,” said Jing.

With the current health crisis, the store hours is 5 am-7 pm and she follows the health protocols in the municipality such as wearing of facemask, social distancing and putting of plastic covers in the store. Jing is also proud to say that she does not use the money of her business for their personal spending and even pay for the goods they need in the store.

More than a month after the turnover, Jing is now earning Php 400 – 500 per day. She was also able to add other goods in her “Sari-sari store” such as candies, soft drinks, and bread. In the afternoon, she sometimes cooks maruya and sell it around the block for additional income. Surely a “Sari-sari Store” that caters the basic needs of the community.

“Nalipay gyud ko nga nakapaninda ko balik kay dugay nako naghandom nga naa koy income, nga naay mapunit bahalag ginagmay. Bahalag bug-at akong tiil, sge lang gihapon para sa among kaugmaon,” said Jing.

Jing plans to register her business in January 2021. She is also interested to join in the upcoming Entrepreneurial and Managerial Seminars of the Negosyo Center President Roxas. P3 loans or Pondo para sa Pagbabago at Pag-asenso program of the SB Corporation is also a great opportunity for her in expanding her business ventures.  

With the help and assistance of her family, Jing chose to learn business again, to meet the need of the community with her “Sari-Sari Store”, and to still continue whatever life throws at her. Jing’s perseverance and fighting spirit is what all entrepreneurs need especially during this trying time. She proved that despite the heaviness of her life, she can still come back up and be better.


By: Edbralen Shekina G. Ancheta /Negosyo Center President Roxas

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