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Success Story: "The Reset"

Nanie's Banana ChipsNanie's Gabi Taro Chips

The presence of the COVID-19 pandemic greatly disturbed the whole world most especially the global economy.  Businesses were forced to cut down losses by cutting down manpower and in most cases shutting down. To most, the survivability of the business became the current goal; Ms. Corazon’s business – Nanie’s Food products is among them.

Most of the revenue generated by the business comes from tourists yet with the pandemic going on, it was greatly affected. With the travel ban and other restrictions, tourists were not able to come by and products on the shelves were stacked and becoming spoiled. Despite this, Ms. Corazon continuously produces her bestselling products banana chips, gabi chips, and coconut cookies to make known to the customers that Nanie’s Food products is still in the market.

Ms. Corazon knew that she must do something in order to survive. To counteract the spoilage, she made most of her products made-to-order. Instead of making shelve life products, she shifted to making what her customers wanted. “Adjusting the product line was better than shutting down,” said Ms. Corazon.

With the help of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Nanie’s Food products became available online as it was enrolled to different platforms. It was also provided a market virtually through DTI’s Digital Trade Fair program. This allowed the business to penetrate the local market and generate sales to keep the business up and running.


Name of MSME: Corazon Tingcang

Business Name: Nanie's Food Products

Business Address: Lico-an, Maria, Siquijor

Contact Number: 09059051212


By: DTI- Region 7

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