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Small and manageable in size but diverse in terms of variety is the formula that Ms. Juliet Barba upholds as an entrepreneur. She started to manage a small barbeque grill stand in 2016 at Nagsangalan, Pidigan, Abra. It later expanded to a one-stop shop catering many municipalities. But the path to starting her own business was not always smooth.

Juliet’s small grilling stand was not doing well and inevitably fell into bankruptcy. But instead of dwelling in her frustrations for a failing business, Juliet thought of a way to keep it alive and going. She expanded her business from a small grilling place to a one-stop shop that includes a sari-sari or mini grocery and a farm and poultry supply store.

“The store is my anchor business because it brings daily income which we use to buy food. We also have a farm with different fruits and vegetables planted on it. Once I harvest them, I also display and sell them in my shop. Since we cannot consume all of it, I decided to sell them instead for additional income. On the sale of fruits and vegetables, we get the money to cover other household expenses including our children’s education fees, as well as water and electricity expenses”, shares Juliet.

As her business grew, she was able to gain regular customers from the neighboring towns like Villaviciosa, Pilar, San Isidro, and San Quintin.

In the earlier days of her business venture, she was the only entrepreneur in their area. Now, competitions have started to emerge. But despite this, Juliet chose to view things in a more positive view stating that competition is a good thing in business because it forces entrepreneurs to do their best and innovate. As she gears forward, Juliet continues to explore various opportunities to improve her business and relations with her customers. From time to time, she  also hosts discount specials as a way of giving back to her clients.

To reach more people, Juliet also explored the advertising services through Facebook Page postings, a skill she learned during the seminar on Basic Marketing through Social Media Platform by Negosyo Center Pidigan.

As an advice to those who want to start their own business, she cited two (2) important traits in order for them to succeed. First is patience. If you’re being urged to make an immediate decision rather than taking the time you need to make a responsible decision for your business, then chances are this opportunity falls into the category of “too good to be true.” Second is contentment. In business and in our personal lives, lack of contentment can spell disaster. If you weren’t content to be happy and satisfied with what you created, instead of relishing in the success of the moment, you looked for something bigger and better. The result was reduced quality, a diminished reputation and oftentimes the complete collapse of your business.



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