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John Rex C. Gatinao, owner of JREG FOOD PRODUCTS, used to operate as a supplier of fresh fruits and vegetable to local food processors and traders in South Cotabato and Metro Manila. His primary product is guyabano. Seeing bountiful harvest, Mr. Gatinao and his wife decided to process the excess supply of raw guyabano into a fresh juice for personal consumption and gifted it to friends and relatives which garnered positive feedbacks. He decided to conduct further research to enhance the product and test the market.  

Selling fresh guyabano juice proved to be profitable so he started to mass-produce to cater to increasing demands from customers. He sought knowledge and guidance to better manage his business through one-on-one business consultations at Negosyo Center – Tupi and business-related seminars offered by the Department of Trade and Industry. He also finished Kapatid Mentor ME Program (KMME) in 2021 which helped him develop into a better entrepreneur. 

Amidst the pandemic, JREG FOOD PRODUCTS continue to thrive—innovating  and improving while riding the trend, keeping its best practice to supply local restaurants, canteens of major establishments as well as offices all over Region 12 and bulk orders from clients in Metro Manila. 


By: Negosyo Center-Tupi

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