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Success Story: James L. Chiongban Trade School Teachers and Employees Association

JLCNTS Teachers and Employees Association

Myrna Hechanova is a graduate of the 2019 KMME (Kapatid Mentor Me) Program of DTI Sarangani Province where she learned about basic business management helping boost her entrepreneurial capacity. She first saw her potential in business when she taught her students at James L. Chiongbian National Trade School (JLCNTS) how to make Coco Sweet Sinamak help them generate income while studying. Thereafter, people would order more. 

Myrna and her students then started producing banana chips, peanut butter, pineapple jam, jellies and marmalade, salted eggs, deboned marinated Bangus, pickled fruits and vegetables, and processed meats such as longganisa, tocino, and many more in addition to their main product coco sweet sinamak vinegar. They would sell their food products to members of the community, government employees, pasalubong centers, and trade shows in hopes of expanding their market and engaging with new customers. 

The Covid19 Pandemic, however, greatly affected their business. Face-to-face interactions were strictly prohibited and no students were allowed to go to school restricting their production and declining their income. Yet, with strong determination, Myrna Hechanova continued operations for the sake of her students and family. She believes that loving a business will make it easier to get through the start-up phase and other future challenges. 

Now, Hechanova accepts bulk orders for her processed products and occasionally hires helpers to assist with product preparation. She also shares her knowledge and expertise with DTI as a resource person for various skills training on food processing.  


By: DTI Sarangani PO

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