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Success Story: Gaining Ground - Medos Bakeshoppe Gains a Branch

Medos Glends Bakeshoppe Branch 1

The series of 2019 Earthquakes that rocked the Province of Cotabato, left the municipality of Makilala as one of, if not the most devastated areas. While 2020 brought new hope and gave a chance for the people and their enterprises to recover, the global pandemic came, and once again brought everything to a standstill. While the 2019 Earthquakes allowed for travel, commerce, and outside aid to push through, the 2020 quarantines saw every person stay at home for the most part.

It would seem like a time for resting and slowing down. A time for limiting risks. For KMME 2019 graduate, Ms. Glenda L. Serag however, opportunities are still available to those who are willing to take them.

Medos Glends Bakeshoppe started from an old Bakery named “Friends Bread” which closed. Ms. Serag brought the business and situated it in what used to be a space called “Medos School Supplies”. Despite the change in name and ownership, people still referred to them as Medos.

Starting from the basic bread they improved on a banana cake recipe which turned out to be a good seller both locally and in other municipalities. Through the years, employees were added to the team, and a space for dining was allotted as well. The constant support from Family members and even the employees themselves lead to the expansion.

Wanting to further set the business apart from a LARGE number of competitors in the municipality, classic biscuits were also reimagined and rediscovered. Old favorites like Lunga (Longga), Patata, and Ugoy are now on display and are constantly in demand, even brought to inner barangays.

Despite the heavy damage taken during the 2019 Earthquakes and the constant adjustments and relocation of her pieces of machinery, she was able to keep her bakery “Medos GLends Bakeshoppe” afloat, as well as keep her employees together for the most part.

Medos Glends Bakeshoppe Branch 2

Despite the challenges of the year 2020, Glends Bakeshoppe was able to open a second branch on September 8, 2020.

Ms. Serag credits the expansion to a family-shared determination to go further and the lessons learned through the KMME Program of the Department of Trade and Industry. She said some of the most important lessons in KMME are the formalization of contracts and documents which allows you to move further without any unnecessary risks, and when to push through on an opportunity. The Business improvement plan she developed during the program also served as her guide.

Her second branch is located on the Makilala-Tacurong highway, opposite the entrance to the Makilala Public Market, and allows her clients to have more options, especially those who would rather avoid going inside the public market to their first/original branch.

Along with grabbing the opportunity to expand, she now employs additional staff providing more job opportunities in these trying times.


By: Fitz Gerald V. Anuta /  Negosyo Center Makilala

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