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Success Story: Creativesphere Studio Advertising and IT Solutions

Creativesphere Studios

Melmar Quejada was already an experienced graphic design freelancer before he decided to register Creativesphere Studio Advertising and IT Solutions in 2016. His expertise is on designing graphic layouts for labels, posters, and packaging materials, and conducting consultancies with companies and individuals on packaging and labeling.  

Melmar saw the opportunity to start his business from the volume of his clients so he decided to use his own salary from being a freelancer as initial working capital. He slowly invested in some printing-related machinery to expand his business and include printing services. To improve how he manages his business, he also enrolled in the Kapatid Mentor ME Program, one of the DTI Programs. 

COVID-19 Pandemic struck and strict restrictions on the operations of non-essential businesses were implemented. However, he used it as an opportunity to innovate. He established his social media presence and promoted his business and services online enabling him to increase the volume of his clients and widen his market reach. 

Now, Mr. Quejada earns more than what he is earning pre-pandemic and hired 2 full-time and 4 part-time employees. With his growing business, he continues to strive to become the best, ensuring their clients’ trust by giving them guaranteed quality service and products.  


By: DTI South Cotabato

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