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Success Story: "BUILDING A WAY TO SUCCESS: The story of SCENTa Construction Services

The official logo of the business

 The official Logo of the business


Claps, medals, and trophies. Growing up, Engr. Edwin C. Galinato Jr. was never a stranger to the colorful world of art and design. Even in his younger years, his designs and posters were applauded for being one of the best there is in various school competitions. With a talent for drawing and a passion for design, he designed a path geared toward a future life of design and construction, cemented when he obtained a license as a Civil Engineer. He works as a licensed civil engineer at the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) District Engineering Office in the province of Abra. Despite this, however, his entrepreneurial mindset drove him not to dwell on his salary as his only source of income. He also wanted to open such a business to practice and put into use his skills in the construction industry.

In the photo is the ongoing construction of the two-floored residential house.

 In the photo is the ongoing construction of the two-floored residential house.


The SCENTa Construction Services was conceptualized by the mind and imagination of Engr. Edwin. Also a budding young entrepreneur, he wanted to use his skills and talent to design and build various structures, houses, and buildings that will stand despite the test of time. He registered his business on 29 June 2021, through the assistance of Negosyo Center - Bucay.

In the frame is the design plan of the two-floored house constructed by SCENTA CONSTRUCTION SERVICES.

In the frame is the design plan of the two-floored house constructed by SCENTA CONSTRUCTION SERVICES.


Before availing of the programs and services of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Abra Provincial Office, Engr. Galinato narrated that, although passionate about being a practicing engineer, the sole purpose of the business was to earn income. This is without consideration of the possible threats and challenges that the business may encounter in its future operations. He thought that starting a business has no downs and failures. But just like lightning, he came to understand such a possibility when the DTI introduced to him the Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP). The YEP aims to train the youth entrepreneurs to have a strong foundation in basic business management to attain business sustainability which may be affected by various factors, which can lead to bankruptcy and cause the closure of the business.

After his YEP journey, Engr. Edwin admits that the modules changed his entire mindset toward business. The most important learning he was able to bag from the program is the formulation of vision, mission, goals, objectives, and Business Model Canvass (BMC). He hopes to use these learnings as bricks and skeletons in his road to attaining both the short-term and long-term goals of the SSC. The formulated BMC of the SCENTA Construction Services served as the bible of Mr. Galinato to achieve the desired results for his business. Moreover, through YEP he came to know the importance and perks of officially registering a business, which includes the availment of legal identity to the public which can also be the client’s basis of trust to do transactions with the business. Also, through YEP he learned the significance of marketing strategies through the use of social media channels which is now the trend and medium of marketing, especially with the effect of the present health crisis. The learnings Engr. Edwin acquired through the course helped him develop promotional techniques to attract a wider range of clients. He is also in the process of formulating ways to have a competitive advantage with her existing and possible competitors in the area of construction services.

“Thank you to DTI for this rare opportunity, which helped me and my business to outgrow and overcome all the impossible and difficulties. All my learnings acquired through YEP will be very helpful to me as a young entrepreneur who does not have enough knowledge to run my own business.”


By: DTI Cordillera Administrative Region

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