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Success Story: Bai Lyn’s Food Products


Bai Lyn’s Food Products is a sole proprietorship kind of business. It is owned and managed by Mr. Anas A. Sirag, The business was named after his wife Bai Lyn Adtogan Sirag. It is located at Purok 6, Kalbalol, Koronadal Proper, Polomolok, South Cotabato.

Bai Lyn’s Food Products started to produce AMIK, locally known as “Tinagtag” in 2012 but was forced to shut its operation due to lack of financial capacity. In order to earn enough capital and to sustain the needs of his family, Mr. Sirag decided to work abroad for two years.

With sufficient capital to start up a business, he again decided to enter into AMIK production on April 12, 2016.  He introduced his product in Tupi particularly in Tupi fruit stands along the national highway of Tupi, South Cotabato. Eventually, there was a rising demand that led him to increase his production and began to expand his distribution channels in different places in SOCSKSARGEN.

Mr. Anas A. Sirag

Mr. Sirag had his business registered with DTI - South Cotabato with the help of Negosyo Center Polomolok. He was then advised to secure a business permit to legally operate his business and to comply with the BIR registration.  He had availed the Barangay Micro Business Enterprise (BMBE) that exempted him from paying taxes.

Through the assistance of DTI – Negosyo Center Polomolok, the AMIK was first officially exhibited during the T’nalak Festival Trade Fair in Koronadal City, South Cotabato last July 11-18, 2017.  As of January 2020, Bai Lyn’s AMIK has already participated in nine (9) trade fairs in the region.  In 2019, Bai Lyn’s AMIK was sent to Manila during the Ms. Millennial and National Food Trade Expo to showcase his product. Mr. Sirag was selected as one of the mentees for “Kapatid Mentor Me 2017” of DTI – South Cotabato.

When the business was enrolled in the “Panpasulubong” of the One Town One Product (OTOP), a program of DTI through the initiative of Negosyo Center Polomolok, there was a great impact on the product development of the business.  The packaging was enhanced making the product more attractive and more appealing to the customers.  Thus, increasing the business sales by 60% in December 2019.  Bai Lyn’s AMIK has become one of the remarkable products of Polomolok, South Cotabato.

The market matching activities of Bai Lyn’s Food Products to SM Pasalubong Center Gensan (OTOP Hub), TWS Venture, Inc. (Sweet Valley Pasalubong Center, Gensan), and Gold Anchor Shell Station (Nat’l Highway Gensan), also marked success in his business story.

Bai Lyn’s Food Products are available at the following stores:

  • ECT Pasalubong Center/ Ellynes Pasalubong Center GSC Branch 2
  • Ellynes Pasalubong Center GSC Branch 1
  • Namaskar Ji Indian Restaurant GSC
  • Timoka Pasalubong Center YBL Terminal Bulaong GSC
  • Tanoks Chicken Hauz GSC, Polomolok, Tupi
  • Nadies Chicken Hauz SM GSC
  • Phoenix Gasoline Station, Sinawal GSC
  • Socsccsargen Pasalubong Center, Int’l Airport, GSC
  • Bai Halal Restaurant, Sinawal GSC
  • Nadies Chicken Hauz, Tupi
  • Bebs AJ Buko Pie, Nat’l Highway Koronadal City
  • Tuazon Halo-halo, Saravia, Koronadal City
  • Terickfic Buko Pie, New Public Terminal Koronadal City
  • Maguindanao Restaurant, Tacurong City


Bai Lyn’s Food products has acquired additional equipment

Bai Lyn’s Food products has acquired additional equipment to improve their production capacity and a multi-cab to make the delivery fast and convenient.

Bai Lyn’s Food Products started the construction of their processing plant for FDA-LTO Registration

In the send half of the year 2020, Bai Lyn’s Food Products started the construction of their processing plant for FDA-LTO Registration.


By: DTI South Cotabato Provincial Office

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