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Moringa Leaves Production

Moringa Leaves

Moringa leaves production is typically planted at 20 cm or more between rows, with an in-row spacing of 20 cm between plants to achieve intensive production. With the given planting distance, a hectare of land can be planted with 26,667 hills, and can be harvested within three months of planting. Closer spacing allows the harvest of young leaves every four to five weeks. Moringa should be trimmed to promote branching, increase yield, and facilitate harvesting. Fresh moringa leaves will be sold to processors at a farm gate price of PhP 5.00 per kilo. Studies have shown that the Philippines currently has a demand of 1,000 hectares of moringa plantation solely for leaves production. Based on the projected sales of the business, for one cropping cycle on a one-hectare land, the project will generate total sales of PhP 45,500.00 on the first year and PhP 65,000.00 on the second year. The full operation requires an investment of PhP 359,280.00. For its first year, it is projected to generate sales of PhP 108,000.00 and net income of PhP 44,560.00 with a return on investment (ROI) of 50%. The net profit rate of 41.26% implies that for every peso invested in the business, a net income of PhP 0.4126 will be generated. The investment is also projected to be recovered after two years and ten months.

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