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Invest in Orchid Production


Filipinos are known for their keen appreciation and exquisite taste for beauty.  That is probably why we also have that natural affinity for gardens.  No Filipino home, no matter how humble and simple, is without a simple garden.  One will find one, two or a group of flowering or foilage plants around the house even in the remotest areas of the country.  Filipinos have always been fascinated by flowering plants particularly orchids.  Phalaenopsis (butterfly orchids), dendrobiums (relative of 'Sanggumay') and vandas (relative of 'waling-waling') both native and hybrids, adorn many homes and gardens.  This is not surprising considering that there are many attractive orchids that can only be found in the Philippines.

Negosyo ATBP Poster September 21, 2022
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